|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Students delve into the history of south Tenerife 

A group of students have developed a project of service to the community with the aim of recovering the history of southern Tenerife.

Their task is based on creating awareness, making young people connect with other generations.
The work, which has the collaboration of Arona council, has been selected among the top 25 of the archipelago by the Canary University Agency for Quality Education and Educational Evaluation for the improvement of the Community.
“Tajeas: channeling of life” is the title of the project. The agarics or tajeas, as they are popularly known, drove the water from the summit to the plantain and tomato farms of the coast.
Students follow the principles of Service-Learning, which is the application of an innovative methodology that is based on students transcending the classroom to provide a service to the community and develop social skills that allow them to connect with the environment and the story.
During the process, the participants had to establish contact with older people, delving into the customs and knowing why there are the tajeas, what they were used for and the importance they had for the society of the time, since water was essential for population development
Through documentation, photos and maps, students have been able to reconstruct this part of the heritage that for many was totally unknown. As stated by the coordinating professor of the project, María del Cristo Álvarez, “the students have researched and learned the reason for the tajeas, but they have also approached the people who lived this part of history.”