|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Spain loves zebras but wants crossings to have cow spots instead! 

A campaign group in Spain is aiming to get all the country’s zebra crossings replaced with cow spots instead!

The ecological group “Casa Grande de Xanceda” says it has nothing against the traditional black and white stripes but believes blotches on the road would help to remind people about the importance of the bovine industry.
Galicia already has a number of these cow cross-ings, known as Paso de Vaca, and the campaigners want to see the idea spreading across the rest of Spain.
The aim is to remind city dwellers of the importance of rural Spain, which relies on cows, livestock and the agricultural and dairy industries.
“We love zebras but we owe cows a lot more! There-fore, our proposal is to change the stripes of the zebras for the typical spots of the cows,” a spokesman explained.
Galicia launched its first cow crossing in August 2018, saying the zebra did not represent the region.
The city council of A Coruña allowed a dairy company to paint the road surface with white blotches because the area produces more than half of Spain’s milk.
In Galicia, there are actually 63 rural communi-ties where the number of cows outnumber people and Galicia is estimated to have around one million cows, one for every 2.7 inhabi-tants!
A Coruña painted its first Paso de Vaca near the city’s war memorial, one of the most emblematic and bu-siest locations and pedes-trians love it, even though many thought it was a joke at first with the repainting being done overnight.
“It’s a great idea and supports the livestock industry,” said one resident.
Casa Grande de Xanceda says all other towns and cities in Spain should follow the example.
“We do not want this cow pass to remain as an anecdote but to be exported as an idea for the streets of other cities and towns. This first is just the prototype,” they said at the time.
A campaign was then launched on change.org to get other locations in the area changed and four other municipalities (A Baña, Mazaricos, Santa Comba and Mesía, all in Galicia) followed the example whilst still declaring “respect and love to all zebras!”
Casa Grande de Xanceda believes people will regard the idea as “cool” and want one in their town or city. They are being urged to support the campaign and put in an official request to their local authority, as well as signing a petition on change.org