|Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Santa Cruz takes action over bus lane flow 

Santa Cruz is to place deterrents to improve the mobility of the Bus-VAO lane of Avenida Bélgica-San Sebastián.

The works will begin at the end of August and will have a cost for the consistory of 18,800 euros.
Councillor for community welfare and public services of the city council, José Ángel Martín, said the estimated duration of the action will not exceed six weeks and stressed that the main objective is to improve mobility, especially the public transport service.
The city council techni-cians have studied what type of deterrent was more suited to the needs of the lane and have chosen to implement the “less aggressive” to facilitate, for example, the overtaking of buses that are dropping passengers or facilitating traffic of ambulances in emergency service.
The option chosen is the placement of rubber delimi-ters of 100x14x5 centimetres and, in Sr. Martin’s opinion, will improve urban transport on these roads.
In this way, technicians have ruled out the use of the delimiter called “shark fin” because in their opinion it could be an important barrier for vehicles to pass through and, on certain occasions, inconveniences for the circu-lation of authorised vehi-cles or vehicles of emergen-cies
The company to which this work has been awarded is Signoizaciones Bahillo, S.L. and the total amount amounts to 18,851.35 euros.