|Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Relief at last for Cabo Blanco flooding 

Arona council has launched the process of awarding the channeling of the El Lere ravine as it passes through calle El Horno, in Cabo Blanco.

The environment department says this is a historical demand of the population, due to the different overflows that develop in episodes of heavy rains.
The project will benefit the stretch of the Cabo Blanco ravine, which takes the name of El Lere, where inadequate channeling causes continuous flooding of the road, when heavy rains occur, leaving the neighbuorhood incommuni-cado, through the area of the Calle el Horno.
The plan, which has a maximum tender budget of just over 150,000 euros, follows the recommendations made by the Insular Council of Waters on the current channeling of the ravine in the lower area of Cabo Blanco.
An action within the framework of the #AronaAva-nza program with which other areas of equal size have been improved, such as the La Tosca ravine in Valle San
The Mayor of Arona said: “This tender is of great importance to be able to move forward with the project, and avoid the floods that are caused by heavy rains and, above all, the isolation of residents, who had been pressing for many years for a solution to this problem. Once the work has been awarded, we will be able to start the work that guarantees a better quality of life for the residents of the area.”
Councillor for the environ-ment, José Luis Gómez, stressed that “the situation facing the residents of the El Lere ravine is a problem of historical demand that the government group proposes to solve and that, thanks to this tender, we are closer to being able to solve, fulfilling the objectives set. ”