|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Record-breaking urban slide is finally demolished 

Spain’s longest-ever urban slide has now been demolished after lasting just 24 hours before controversy erupted over its safety.

Estepona council on the Costa del Sol confirmed the fleeting attraction has been removed following a three-month review.
The authority is also stressing that the demolition of the slide will cost them nothing as it was carried out by the original contractor who was never paid in the first place.
The strange toboggan was officially opened on May 10th but closed as a “precautionary closure” the next day. Users said they had suffered injuries, bruises and burns on the ride which was also designed to link two streets, one high above the other, to save people a long walk.
The toboggan raised eyebrows because it looked more like a succession of blue guttering down stone steps and across wasteground, ending on a bed of sand in a children’s playground.
The ride, nearly 120ft long with a gradient of 32 degrees, was slammed as “bizarre”, with one user saying they were “thrown everywhere” and eventually catapulted 6ft off the end.
The slide was part of a major project in a green area of more than 20,000 square metres, with trees, public lighting and street furniture.
The original contractor has now taken away the slide but it is not known if it will ever be assembled again elsewhere.