|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Police make 14 arrests after discovering network smuggling cocaine by sea 

The Civil Guard, within the framework of the Man-salva operation, has dismantled a criminal organisation dedicated to introducing cocaine by sea, which it later distributed to different parts of the Iberian peninsula.

In the operation, 475 kilos of cocaine have been seized and 14 people arrested: eleven in Pontevedra, two in Valencia and one in Portugal.
In the nine raids carried out, the Civil Guard also intervened 12,000 euros in cash, 12 satellite phones, four vehicles equipped with double bottoms and a trailer equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic hiding system, in which the organisa-tion moved more of 300 kilos of cocaine. Also, the Civil Guard has discovered an indoor marijuana plantation with a 1,000 plants.
Investigations began last year when Civil Guard specialists in the fight against organised crime learned of the existence of a criminal group based in Pontevedra, made up of people with a history of drug trafficking.
 In July last year, the investigation frustrated the delivery of more than 300 kilos of cocaine that had been transferred from Galicia to Valencia. There the drug was intervened in a garage in the town of Quart de Poblet (Valencia), when it was being guarded by two members of the organisation, who were arrested at that time.
Subsequently, advances in research frustrated another delivery of 175 kilograms of cocaine in Portugal, which had been transferred from the province of Pontevedra.
The Civil Guard discovered the system used by the organisation, consisting of a trailer, apparently empty, but equipped with a sophisticated hydraulic system that con-cealed a double bottom with capacity for more than 300 kilograms. Several shuttle vehicles lowered the cargo. The organisation had very advanced contacts and preparations for the introduc-tion of a significant amount of cocaine that, by sea, would arrive in Galicia from South America. The Civil Guard has managed to abort this ship-ment by detaining all its members.
 In one of the records carried out on detainees’ properties, an indoor mari-juana plantation has been found, in full capacity, with more than a thousand plants.
 The detainees used ad-vanced technical means to avoid being detected and invested significant amounts of money in technology, to obtain secure communications and detect police investigation means.