|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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New survey gives Canary hospitals high scores for patient satisfaction 

People may moan about the hospitals in Spain as much as they do in the UK but according to a new survey, the health service in the Canaries isn’t faring too badly.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands says that, according to the results of the Hospital Discharge Satisfaction Survey, users admitted during 2018 valued with an average of 8.62 points the care received in the hospitals of the Canary Service of Health.
The sample collected for this global study of the public hospitals of the Canary Islands was 3,463 users, of which 54.80 percent were women and 45.20 percent men and the largest number of individuals was in the age group of 50 to 69 years. Of the total number of patients, 54.79 percent had an admission of less than 5 days, 30.60 percent between 6 and 14 days and 14.70 percent were admitted for 15 days or more.97.50 percent of respondents were satisfied with the medical care received during admission, 98 percent with nursing assis-tance, 96.90 with administra-tive staff, 97.60 by caretakers and 96.40 by the cleaning staff.
In addition, 78.70 percent of users said they knew the name of their doctor in the hospital, 94.60 percent that plant staff addressed him by name and that in 98.40 percent of the cases the patient’s privacy was respected.
Of the responents, 95.40 percent valued the informa-tion offered on the evolution of their disease and the tests they did and 96.70 percent said they were informed about and asked for their consent for the performance of such tests. Everyone said they had time to read, understand and sign this consent.
On the other hand, 96.90 percent of users said they received adequate informa-tion about the care and treat-ment they should follow at home.
Likewise, 68.60 percent of the respondents said that they were informed about the Patients’ Rights and Duties Letter and 81.30 percent highlighted the information on the operation of the plant, schedules and visits. In addition, 86.90 percent felt that the hospital was well signposted.
Some 92.80 per cent of the users highlighted the clean-liness of the room, 84.60 per cent were comfortable in terms of ringing noises, voices and doors, and 87.80 per cent with the noises from works and machinery. Regarding the characteristics of the food, respondents valued at 82 percent its temperature, 76.10 percent highlighted its variety and 76 percent its quality.
93.40 percent of the patients surveyed said they had received information about the benefits of breastfeeding and 92.70 percent about newborn care. In addition, 96 percent of the users were satisfied with the attention received in the delivery room.
“The objective of this survey is to know the evaluation carried out by the users of the SCS hospitals and measure the quality of their activity, as well as the satisfaction of the population served in the public hospitals of the archipelago,” said a health service spokes-man.