|Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Mass tourism campaigners target hire cars in Mallorca 

Campaigners against mass tourism in Mallorca have signalled the start of new protests after releasing a video showing night-time attacks on hire cars.

Wearing white plastic suits, with their faces covered with hoods, members of the protest group Arran are shown daubing slogans over a line of parked vehicles and letting tyres down.
They are also pictured smashing a car window with considerable force using what looks like a screwdriver or hammer.
The video is clearly attri-buted to Arran Palma which has been involved in previous tourism attacks in Mallorca, including the storming of a marina restaurant next to luxury yachts in 2018. A group of about 15 campaigners let off coloured flares and showered confetti over terrified customers who thought it was some kind of terrorist attack.
The publication of this new video on the social networks is seen as a clear indication of a new wave of protests over mass tourism in the Balearics. Arran says it is not against tourism but massification which, it says, is ruining the islands, including Mallorca.
Last month, campaigners daubed hate messages on an historic building on a popular nudist beach in Mallorca, calling holidaymakers “murderers” and telling them: “You’re not welcome!”
Arran says it picked on tourist cars because “there are more than 100,000 cars for rent each year”.
“This is saturation, unsustai-nability, pollution and a clear example of what it means to turn the city into a tourist showcase,” the group claims.
The Spanish press says it is “inevitable” that there will be more tourist attacks both in the Balearics and on the mainland this summer as other incidents have already started in Barcelonsa.
On Arran Palma’s Twitter site, the campaigners posted the message: “The youth go on the offensive!”