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ITV and insurance obligations 

In past years, you could go to the ITV station with your car and papers and go through the ITV test and leave, if passed with your sticker and stamp on the reverse of your Ficha Tecnica.

As technology moves on and fraudsters are at work in all aspects of our lives the ITV Stations have for some time now been required to check that the car has valid insurance (third party obligatory is sufficient). They have tools at their disposal to check on the DGT register and the central Insurance register, to which all insurers are legally obliged to upload all policies in force and changes i.e. change of vehicle etc. However recent changes mean that now the ITV station require the person to demonstrate that the car is in fact insured legally.

In order to do this one must prove payment and that the insurance is valid at the time of the test. The central register is normally sufficient for this to be checked but in 3% of cases there are anomalies and you may be asked the following.

To show the payment receipt which has to contain the:

1= Name of the Insurance Company (not the agent or broker)
2= The Correct Matriculation (number plate) of the car. Sometimes numbers are switched due to human error and not noticed by the insured.
3= The period of validity (make sure you have the current receipt not an old out of date one)
4= The insurance cover, which must be a minimum of third-party insurance.

They will take a copy of this at the time, if you have this on your phone they may ask that you e-mail it to them at that time.
If this is requested and is not produced or there are errors, then the car, whilst maybe having passed the actual test, will not receive a pass until such time as the correct documentation is produced.

Remember that a car with no valid insurance is not legally permitted to be used on public highways so one could find themselves in a very difficult situation where technically the vehicle would either have to remain in the ITV car park or be taken by a grua to your home or where ever one was intending to go after the test!

Its best to check all document ion before going to the ITV station or if a garage is taking the car for you to be sure that you tell them where the documents are and check their validity. That is the owner’s responsibility.