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How to face multiple dental problems? The answer, a multidisciplinary team 

When we are afraid of suffering some kind of complication in the mouth, we think of cavities, a broken tooth or some infection, as if this were the worst case scenario. However, there are people who suffer much deeper problems which combine to affect the entire mouth.

Such was the case of Guillermo Paz, who had been enduring many complications with his teeth for many years, including lost teeth, crowding or a defective bite, all causing significant difficulties when chewing, eating and sleeping. Just 40 years of age, as well. In addition, he suffered from low self-esteem because of the aesthetic problem.
In these cases, the intervention of a multidi-sciplinary team capable of assessing the situation from different specialties and applying combined treatments that achieve synergy, rather than individual treatments, is necessary. Those responsible for the treatment of Guillermo Paz, the Artedental team in Puerto (dentist, orthodontist and hygienists), once they had evaluated his mouth, proposed a series of solutions that, together, would rehabilitate his smile completely. These included the placement of an implant due to the absence of a tooth, the filing of the existing pieces and the placement of crowns in both arches. Despite suffering crowding, Guillermo did not have to undergo orthodontic treatment, since the overlapping of the teeth was not aggressive. It was enough with the placement of crowns. Of course, in all the lower and upper dentures.
Such a union of treatments would solve one of the biggest problems, the wrong bite, but also another one not less important, at least for the patient: aesthetics. This substantially affects self-esteem, and is capable of modifying the character and even plunging people into depression. In Guillermo’s words, “we live in a society in which aesthetics is essential, and having your teeth fixed and a beautiful smile is important. People are more receptive when someone takes care of themselves and maintains a good image. ”
In his case, he also added the difficulty of facing the dentist, with whom he confesses to having always had a “difficult” relationship. For a person with a multitude of oral disorders, the association he will make when visiting a dentist will be pain, after having entered and left in countless consultations with an unfa-vourable result. As Guillermo explains, such failures before the dentist led him to avoid a consultation for a long time, which aggravated his situation. Now, this patient of Artedental, confesses not only to be grateful, but also “very satisfied with his new smile.”
The most common pro-blems among middle-aged people (40-60 years) according to the American Dental Association are gingivitis or, in its aggravation, gum disease or periodontitis, the loss of a tooth due to infection, fracture or bruise, hypersensitivity, dry mouth, and oral cancer. In fact, the institution affirms that, on average, adults between 20 and 64 suffer from the absence of three or more teeth. Hygiene is essential to prevent these conditions (except for breakage or loss of teeth due to bruising) but, above all, regular visits to the dentist at least once a year. If we forget prevention, there is a good chance that when we sit in the dentist’s chair we will face multiple oral problems.