|Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Hotels across Spain were clients of illegal TV centre 

National Police agents have dismantled an IPTV centre – internet television protocol system – that fraudulently provided audiovisual content and payment channels.

The detainee provided access to content of channels, mostly sports, belonging to different payment platforms. The centre was located in a house in Tarrasa (Barcelona) and among its clients were numerous hotel establish-ments located throughout the Spanish geography.
The investigation began with a complaint that provided data on the irregular service offered from a web page managed from the province of Barcelona.
The defendant carried out this activity without the authorisation of the owners of intellectual property rights, receiving in return a pre-determined and periodic economic consideration that varied according to the contracted term and the modality of access to the illegal contents.
These fraudulent services were marketed through the sale of decoders in which, after payment, the corres-ponding firmware was in-serted that enabled access to various servers. In this way, users had access to content from channels belonging to different payment platforms, especially sports events. In addition, the defendant used the commercial name of these large content operators to advertise their services.
After several steps, the agents arrested the alleged perpetrator of the events and registered his domicile located in the Barcelona town of Tarrasa where the effects related to the illegal activity were found. In addition, police managed to block and cancel the service offered to its customers related to the broadcasting of digital pla-tform content illegally.
A total of 4,705 euros were intervened at the address, an amount presumably derived from this illegal activity, and the presence of payment invoices for the illegal service to numerous hotel establish-ments located throughout the Spanish geography was confirmed.
“All this indicates the wide scope of the fraudulent activity carried out by the detainee and the degree of collusion of the different user-clients, which is not limited to individual participation but to other forms of commercialisation,” said a police spokesman.