|Monday, June 1, 2020
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German walkers become relic hunters! 

Two German tourists became relic hunters when they found an ancient piece of pottery whilst out walking in La Palma.

Eric and Helen Hoffstetter have now presented the fragment of pre-Hispanic ceramics to the Benahorita Archaeological Museum.
They discovered it a month ago on the path that runs along the edges of La Caldera de Taburiente as it passes through the Punta de Los Roques.
Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage of the Cabildo, Jovita Monterrey, thanked them for their donation, thus recovering a piece of the island’s past that would otherwise have been lost.
She took the opportunity to “encourage other people who keep materials in their homes, however small, to deliver them to the Benahoarita Archaeolo-gical Museum, because they can be unique objects, with unknown decorations or belonging to new sites.”
Regarding the ceramic piece, the archaeologist and director of the Archaeological Museum, Jorge Pais said it was decorated with motifs in the form of concentric ova and semicircles.
He said the ceramic fragment had been located in an area of great archaeo-logical wealth in which there had been other finds, including the remains of cabins and pastoral shelters, a pile of stones and rock engravings.