|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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German students help out at Accion del Sol 

With the sharp rise in temperatures, we would like to remind you to ensure that your dog has sufficient water and shade and is only walked early in the morning and later in the day to avoid the hot pavements which can burn their paws. 

We have again had German students from Ludwigshafen helping us at the refuge for the last two weeks. The dogs have had a great time being pampered, walked, bathed and brushed . The students were also very lucky to be taken diving with the Tenerife Diving Acadamy in Abadas who also help and support the refuge in so many ways for which we are extremely grateful. The diving lesson was to teach the students about the harmful effects of pollution in the sea with all the  plastic and rubbish that are killing our fish and polluting our seas. We do ask you that when you are enjoying your trip to the beach please do help this enormous worldwide problem and collect any discarded rubbish that you see. Every little bit helps to make the world a cleaner place.
Please do  call  the  refuge  on 664321219 or 602463242 between the hours of 8am -17.00 if you can help in any way. We are always in need of tinned dog food for our older dogs, puppy milk, blankets, towels, sheets, dog toys, collars and leads. If you have any of the above to spare they would be very much appreciated at the refuge,  or visit Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday  afternoons from 14.00-17.00pm and Saturdays 13.00- 16.00.