|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Gang ramraided telephone shops across Spain 

National Police have broken up an organisation dedicated to theft with
force by “ram raiding” telephone shops throughout Spain.

They operated at night and quickly, even in less than a minute, collected mobiles and fled.
To commit robberies, they travelled throughout the national territory and, so far, 32 robberies have detected in 23 cities throughout Spain. There are 20 detainees – eleven in Spain, four in Romania, three in France, one in Italy and one in Sweden.
The value of stolen phones is nearly 700,000 euros, with 116 terminals found inside a suitcase owned by one of those arrested intercepted at a parcel delivery company. All were destined for Romania.
The gang used stolen ve-hicles to smash into the door or shop window. In addition, they used a mace to break the lock of the entrance door to the store’s warehouse and also subtract the stored phones.
Police said the gang was so specialised that they could carry out a robbery in just 50 seconds and would travel more than 1,000 kilometres in just one night. They also used a rotation system which allowed members to leave Spain and be replaced immediately with someone else.
One of the detainees was arrested at Valencia airport when he was about to catch a flight to Romania.
The telephone shops were in Albacete, Valencia, Sagunto, Alzira, Reus, Torrente, Carta-gena, Tarragona, Elche, Pam-plona, Ontinyent, Miranda de Ebro, Calatayud, Burgos , Seville, Teruel, Santa Pola, Gandía, Murcia, Sabiñanigo (Huesca), Mollerusa (Lérida), Villareal and Elda.
The agents have also managed to recover a high-end vehicle, valued at 80,000 euros and stolen in Almeria, used by the organisation to commit the last four robberies in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), Mollerusa (Lérida), Villareal (Castellón) and Elda (Ali-cante).