|Monday, January 20, 2020
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Further improvements at Valle San Lorenzo 

Work has started on the installation of the roof of the sports centre of Valle San Lorenzo.

The new building that integrates the sports courts has a reinforced concrete structure and retaining wall on which a roof will be supported, consist-ing of laminated wooden beams of 38.50 metres.
The work is progressing, within the estimated deadlines, and in the coming weeks, the parquet will be installed on the sports courts.
The sports hall is located on a plot of 30,647 square metres, with an area of more than 2,700. The complex will be distributed in three buildings: auxiliary, with 479 square metres, changing rooms and lobby, with 223 and the one that includes the outer slopes and canopies with more than 2,018 m2, where the roof will be installed.
The material with which the structure will be built has already reached Valle San Lorenzo. Laminated beams of 38.50 metres, which repre-sents an important advance in this project as one of the most demanded works of this Arona district.
In addition to covering the existing sports courts, and improving the attached faci-lities, the new pavilion includes a sports area with indoor soccer, handball, as well as training for basketball, volley-ball and other modalities.
The landscaping of the area will include urban furniture, gardens, street lighting, a space for walking and recreation of pets, biosaludables exercise equipment and a sports court.
The project has a second phase that will link the TF-28 road with the sports city of Valle San Lorenzo.
The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena said: “This is undoubtedly one of the most demanded works of Valle San Lorenzo, which will be a reference space, both sports and leisure, since the entire project houses new roads, accesses, parking spaces and garden areas for the enjoyment of all our residents. ”