|Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Friendly Mufasa is looking for a home 

A few weeks ago, one of our staff arrived at K9, ready for a new day, and found this young boy tied up outside the kennels. She quickly came to learn just how sweet and friendly this boy is. He was called Mufasa. He had no chip so we have no idea where he came from or what is background is. Mufasa is about 1 year old and loves to play and be around humans. A lot of our walkers love to take him out for his daily walk, and he is a pleasure to walk. He has unusual colouring and is a mix breed and is a medium sized dog.

He is one of the friendliest, happiest boys who I have ever come across and loves nothing more than playing and being around loving humans. The shelter environment can be stressful but this young boy takes it all in his stride.
Mufasa has been with us a couple of months now and in that time has seen 2 kennel mates go to their forever homes. He has shared with 2 female dogs, who he seems to get on best with but currently he is sharing with one of new arrivals Kahl, who is very affectionate and playful puppy, also male. Mufasa is intelligent and has been trained before from whatever home he came from. He waits patiently to be fed and always comes when you call him, so he does have good recall.
When he is outside, he is very calm, sweet and is not really bothered by other dogs. He likes to get out for walks, and most days he gets out for 2 or 3 walks due to his lovable nature and popularity among the volunteers.
He thrives on company, so when his first kennel mate got adopted, he was a little bit lost and confused. We were able to match him quickly with another female, but she also got adopted quite quickly, leaving Mufasa, once again, lost and confused. When will he get his second chance at his forever home? He deserves a second chance. He is so handsome and so friendly, that we at K9, are really hoping his chance comes very soon. You can meet him everyday at the shelter and take him out for a walk. He is a lot of fun and is waiting for you to meet him!