|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Cabildo declares war on termites with new action plan 

Tenerife Cabildo has an initial sum of 270,000 euros to eradicate the plague of termites affecting the municipalities of La Laguna, Tacoronte and Tegueste.

This was agreed in the working meeting that the insular advisor of Natural Environment Management and Security, Isabel García, and the Regional Deputy Minister of Transition Ecological, Fight against Climate Change and Terri-torial Planning, Miguel Ángel Pérez, had with technicians and govern-ment officials of the Canary Islands, the island corpora-tion and the affected municipalities to set deadlines and the main lines of action that will be taken to combat this problem.
Of this amount, 52 per cent (about 140,000 euros) comes from the Cabildo, while the other 48 percent (about 130,000) will be provided by the Govern-ment of the Canary Islands, through the Ministry of Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Planning Territorial.
During the meeting, the administrations involved also agreed to create a technical committee of experts, led by the Island Council, which will be responsible for monitoring the work.
This is a first insular action with the support of the regional Government and town halls, which will be extended over the next four years, until the control and extinction of the termite. Citizens are asked for their collaboration to address the problem in all its dimen-sions, transferring any indica-tion of appearance of this type to the municipalities.
The first planned actions will focus on limiting a perimeter of safety of the area affected by this species through the tracks and public spaces to continue with eradication, control and species surveillance.
Isabel García said: “We are already working with the public company Tragsa in an imme-diate action plan to put baits on the perimeter of the affected areas.”
In addition, the department of agriculture of the Cabildo assumes the task of informing and advising farmers and residents about how to deal with the problem through the implementation of various dissemination campaigns.
In this sense, the councillor reminds citizens that the area of Natural Environment and Security Management has published a dossier with different recommendations that can be consulted through its website.
“Experts agree that it is time to stop the progress of this species and eradicate it, so it is important to transfer a message of tranquility to residents to avoid un-necessary alarm,” she add-ed.
Deputy Minister for the Fight against Climate Change of the Government of the Canary Islands, Miguel Ángel Pérez, stressed the impor-tance of “work in a co-ordinated manner and joining forces between all administrations involved in this problem in order to eradicate it as soon as possible and definitively. ”
Both the Cabildo and the Canary Islands Government have committed to develop-ing a specific long-term financing programme and contemplate the possibility of including more money in the budgets for 2020 to solve this issue.