|Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Beach thefts so common that police hand out survival boxes! 

A beach thief in Spain got more than he bargained for when he jumped into the sea to escape but two police officers swam after him!

The dramatic incident happened on the packed Barceloneta beach in Barcelona which has been plagued by robberies. More than 850 thefts have been reported so far this summer and on this occasion, holidaymakers signalled that they have had more than enough!
The man, said to be “well-known” to the police, had been intimidating tourists and caught the attention of officers with the Urban Guard.
The suspect, described as “foreign”, tried to get away in the sea when he was given a warning but two agents jumped in after him and continued their pursuit by swimming.
Tourist on the beach packed the shore to watch the drama and broke out in applause when the man was eventually collared.
The suspect was arrested for disobedience and resistance to authority and taken to the local police station.
Crime has become such a problem on the beach that police have even organised “survival kits” for sunbathers who are robbed of their possessions! The pack contains flip-flops, a t-shirt,shorts and a subway ticket.
So far,, more than 170 have been distributed to victims of crime who usually fall asleep and don’t watch their belongings or are swimming in the sea when thieves strike. They return to find just a towel!
The unit of beaches of the Urban Guard of Barcelona has arrested, to date, more than 140 people and charged 212 for the commission of criminal acts related to robberies and thefts recorded in the different beaches of the city.
Officers patrol on foot but also with scooters, cars, bicycles and quads, in addition to two semi-rigid boats.