|Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Assurances over Playa San Juan improvements 

Assurances have been given about the finalisation of works in Playa San Juan.

On September 2nd, a meeting was held between island councillor for land planning, historical heritage and tourism, José Gregorio Martín Plata, the Mayor of Guía de Isora, Josefa Mesa Mora and representatives of the businesses affected by the first phase of the modernisation works on Avenida de El Emigrante.
It was assured that within the new few days after the meeting, the work in the planters would be finished and the new lighting ready. The avenue would be open to vehicle traffic, although the final asphalt layer will not be applied until the old pumping station has been dismantled to prevent the new surface from being damaged. For this reason there would also be traffic cuts.
Next, the pedestrian zone and access to the new viewpoint will be enabled (where completely renovated street furniture will be installed) and the new pumping station will also be operational during the test period.
Sr. Mesa positively valued the meeting in which “we have specified deadlines, and we have obtained a firm commit-ment from the construction management, after weeks of intense work to comply with the needs of the businessmen and women of the zone.”
Councilor for urban planning, Eduardo González explained that “repairs are already underway in the commercial area directly affected by the works” and recalled that the initial delay in the works (they had to be completed on August 12)
was due to last minute improvements in the pumping system, which was subse-quently accumulated by the partial break due to the San Juan Beach parties.
This first phase will give the promenade an opening to the sea. Also a tiered area, a permanent stage in the port area and an improvement in the access ramp to the dike.
Once the work is finished, there will be many more shadow areas and a bike path will be created. All this within the policy of the council to recover and improve the coast of the municipality, specifically in an area that was becoming outdated and whose business fabric will be strongly reinforced with this action.