|Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Santa Cruz vetoes private medical insurance for councillors 

Councillors in Santa Cruz will no longer be entitled to free private medical insurance.

The ordinary plenary session of the city council endorsed the elimination of private medical insurance to which the councillors were entitled from the moment of their inauguration.
The motion, presented by Unidas Podemos (UP), was approved with the votes in favour of the proposing party, the government team com-posed of the Partido Socialista (PSOE) and Ciudadanos, while Canary Coalition (CC) and the Popular Party (PP ) abstained.
As spokesman for the Government group, councillor for community welfare and public services, José Ángel Martín, said the PSOE already rejected the use of private medical insurance in 2011.
“If we want private insurance, we pay it, as the rest of the citizens do,” said Sr. Martin, who clarified that in the case of municipal officials, medical insurance is part of collective bargaining agreements with unions.
Regarding other expenses such as official cars, he said the council had two cars with driver for all councillors for trips to activities of their own department and not only for those of the government team.