|Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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San Fermin bull runs “have become too tame” claim! 

The 2019 San Fermin bull-running festival in Pamplona ended with a
number of serious injuries but seasoned participants still claim it has become too tame!

They say the event is “losing its essence” and have described the present-day festival as “a farce and a deception.” They claim the use of a number of tame animals means they can’t break away from the charging herd, hence cutting out an extra edge to the challenge of dodging the giant beasts. They are also complaining about the use of anti-slip services which cuts out the risk of both people and bulls falling.
Alberto Buitrago from Valencia said: “It’s losing its essence. It’s too big. The use of anti-slip chemicals means the bulls don’t fall. There’s also the issue of the tame steers being used this year.”
David Huerte from Madrid also told Euronews: “You spend a lot of money to come here and risk your life but over the morning, with posters declaring: “Stop neutralising the bull-runs!”
Participants also took to the social networks to say the runs “have lost the emotions” because of the various safety measures and pre-training of the bulls “to run faster”.