|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Prohibited snake trapped in treatment plant 

This snake was found for the first time in a treatment plant on Fuerteventura but is believed to have escaped as a “pet”.

It is a Californian kingsnake which features in the catalogue of invasive species of concern for the outermost region of the Canary Islands.
Non-poisonous, its possession and release into the natural environment constitutes a serious infraction, with fines ranging between 5,001 and 200,000 euros. It was found trapped by the staff in Costa Calma.
Environmental agents used four traps to catch new specimens. They also took charge of the reptile for study, determining that it is a female with eggs. It is believed to have come from a property nearby.
An investigation was immediately started to find the owner who could even face a prison sentence for keeping a prohibited snake.