|Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Hotel chambermaids in Ibiza to walk out in August 

Hotel chamber maids in Ibiza are to walk out for two days in August for their very first strike and the rest of the Balearics, including Mallorca, could follow.

The women, known in Spain as “Kellys”, are fed up with their workload which, they say, is causing stress and injury and have likened their conditions to “slavery”.
“We are presented each day with a list and number of rooms to clean. Are waiters paid according to how many cups of coffee they serve?” asked one chambermaid during a protest meeting in a park in Ibiza.
The strike will take place for two consecutive days in August “in order to make an impact” though the exact dates have yet to be set. A call will also be made to other hotel chambermaids in Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera to join in.
Rafa Sánchez, representative of the CGT union, said the women were being treated unfairly with no regard to their health.
“According to the law, the workload should be regulated,” he said. “That is why more than ever the strike is necessary.”
The chambermaids agreed that “meetings, protests and demonstrations” were no longer making any impact so a walkout was unavoidable.
The CGT has confirmed it is considering extending the strike across the Balearic Islands for the same two days in August. Dates will be chosen to give the maximum impact.
A spokeswoman for the Association of Kellys of Ibiza said they wanted to remind politicians that they were many workers in the Balearics who worked to sustain the islands’ tourism but were not in the public eye.
“Without us, there would be no tourism,” she said.