|Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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For sale cars forcibly removed from Los Cristianos streets 

Arona council has been clamping down on the illegal parking of cars for sale in Los Cristianos.

The authority says 50 parking spaces have been recovered as a result of the “exhaustive” operation which was carried out over a number of weeks.
A spokesman confirmed: “The council, through the Local Police, has carried out a device to eradicate the street vending of vehicles on public roads, which was taking place in the municipality. This response to citizen demand has unblocked 50 parking lots, mainly in one of the busiest areas of Los Cristianos, Avenida Juan Carlos I, in front of the bus stops.”
The operation included detecting the permanently parked vehicles and then locating the owners who exercised the street selling.
The council said people had been deprived of these parking spaces and in any event, it was against the regulatory ordinance of the use and occupation of the public domain which expressly prohibits the sale and promotion of vehicles in public spaces.
Councillor for security, Francisco Marichal, said: “We have worked intensely, being aware of the problem that this practice entailed for both citizens and business men and women and visitors of the municipality, being able to unblock Avenida Juan Carlos I, where parking is vital.”
He added: “The police action has been impeccable.”
The council hopes that the removal of the cars will also improve circulation in the area.