|Monday, July 26, 2021
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First for Tenerife as El Fraile gets new square with anti-pollution paving 

El Fraile has seen the opening of a smart plaza that decontaminates the atmosphere, absorbing and transforming harmful gases.

Arona council has opened the renewed square of the church of El Fraile, which has undergone a process of modernisation and adaptation to the accessibility regulations.
Part of the scheme introduces a pioneer element in the Canary Islands: a photocatalytic pavement that, in a process similar to photosynthesis, absorbs and degrades harmful gases, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), until they become harmless.
Intelligent photocatalytic pavements have begun to be used in recent years in public spaces due to the important problem posed to public health by pollution of urban centres, derived, above all, from the burning of fossil fuels by vehicles. All this by the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful compounds.
In the midst of the debate on pollution in cities, this is the option chosen by Arona in the remodelling of the square of the church of El Fraile, which began at the end of the previous mandate and that have consisted of a modernisation integral of a space that had become outdated and that did not comply with the regulations on accessibility.
The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, accompanied by councillors for the environment, José Luis Gómez, de Obras, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, and citizen participation, Ruth Alexandra Lorenzo, explained that “the integral modernisation of the square was a demand very important on the part of the residents, who wished to have an accessible and modern public space, two elements in which we have gone hand in hand with sustainability, with the installation of this decontaminating pavement. ”
The calculations made indicate that this type of pavement can neutralise 100% of the pollution generated by up to 1,000 vehicles with an installation of an area of 100×10 metres of photocatalytic soil.
The works, which were within the framework of the #AronaAvanza programme, have also consisted of the elimination of the old side planters, the protection of the trees to avoid risks to pedestrians and to improve the safety and adaptation of the accessibility of the square .
The environment, previously, did not comply with the regulations on accessibility, so it has been necessary to introduce various improve-ments, such as the extension of the access ramp and the integration of the square in the environment, replacing the enclosure walls with railings light, as well as planting new trees, creating a quality public space for residents.