|Saturday, July 24, 2021
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Enzo…happy ever after 

For those of you that are familiar with K9, or who come up and volunteer to walk our dogs, you will know that some of our dogs have been there for two or three years on average. We did have some dogs who had been there for six or seven years but finally found their forever homes and got their happy ever after.

Five years ago, Enzo was brought to the attention of K9. What started out as a normal day for Enzo, quickly changed, when his owner put him into the car, drove him to K9, took him out of the car and just drove off. Enzo was only about one or two years old at the time. Can you imagine how confused and scared he must have felt? He has just been abandoned by someone who he trusted and now he was alone. Of course, we immediately took him in and started to look after him.
Fast forward to present day and Enzo is still at K9. When he first arrived, he was a friendly sweet boy who enjoyed his walks and his cuddles and then there an unfortunate incident at the kennels. I personally was not at K9 at this time, but a couple of years ago, three dogs from K9, were stolen from the kennels. Enzo was one of these dogs. We are not sure what they wanted these dogs for but about a week later, they were all brought back, found by a gentleman nearby. The other two dogs that were stolen in this incident have since been happily adopted but not Enzo. He has one slight issue and that is, that he doesn’t like people to touch him. Something happened to him when he was stolen because he came back a different dog. It is unfair on Enzo as he didn’t ask for this, it was not his fault. Enzo won’t react to you if you feed him, give him treats but you over step his comfort zone if you try and pet him and he will react. We currently have him training classes once a week to try and help him overcome this massive fear he has and we believe with consistency and more training, Enzo will be able to get back to his normal self again and enjoy the pleasure of cuddles from his favourite human. As you can see from the photo, he is a big white fluffy ball and looks very sweet. He has been in the kennels for five years now and is seven years old. He needs to get out and grow old comfortably in a soft bed surrounded by people who love him, and have patience with him. If you are interested in meeting Enzo, please be aware, it will take some time but if you persist, the hard work will pay off!