|Thursday, December 5, 2019
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El Rosario offers free guided walks with history theme 

El Rosario is hosting a new programme of six guided and interpretive routes through the municipality.

They are being carried out by the Training Programme in Alternation with Employment (PFAE) “Rosatur” and are totally free. The aim is to learn about the history and the most representative natural places of El Rosario.
To register you must send an email to the pfaeturism-o@ayuntamientoelrosario.org
The rest of the scheduled routes are called “Mysteries and legends in the Adelan-tado forest” (August 5), “Crossing of lives and paths along the Guided Route Program-PFAE to the Old Road of Candelaria” (August 14), “El mount as a resource of our grandparents ”(Sep-tember 21),“ Enogastrohis-tórico por el Machado de Amaro Pargo ”(October, date to be determined) and“ Mushrooms of Mount Es-peranza ”(November, date to be determined). All routes are free and form a guided excursion programme in which the historical and natural heritage of the municipality will be inter-preted.
The Training Programme in Alternation with Employ-ment (PFAE) “Rosatur”, through which 15 students, unemployed and registered in El Rosario, are trained in the Integral Training and Employment Centre of Lomo Pelado. The “Rosatur” pro-ject is included as a Training Project in Alternation with Youth Employment-Guaran-tee for the training specialty of “Local tourist promotion and visitor information” and has a grant from the Canary Islands Employment Service of 281,300 euros. The objective of this PFAE is to facilitate the inclusion of unemployed persons under 30 years of age in the municipality in a training project that contributes to the economic development of El Rosario.