|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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An urgent appeal! 

For those of you who read our weekly article, you will have noticed we have posted about our dogs, but today, it is time to get to know one of our cats. Back in March of this year, this female cat, named Babe was surrendered to K9 by her owner because she had to move to a new apartment and was not allowed to have animals living there also.

We are urgently looking for a forever home for this young female cat. She is one year old but is having trouble settling in at K9. She is a very friendly cat who is FELV-FIV negative but she is very stressed in our cattery. She has not settled with our other cats and one of our other cats has taken advantage and has been making her life very uncomfortable. As Babe is very stressed, this is having a knock-on effect with our other cats, who are also becoming very stressed. When you have a lot of cats who are in stressed state, this is not a good situation so we really need to get her a loving forever home. She would ideally be good and a lot happier if she was the only cat in the home. Currently we do have a lot of cats and kittens in our cattery and the numbers seem to growing each week which can make it even more difficult for our volunteers to make sure all our cats and kittens are ok and are comfortable. Can you help give Babe a home or know anybody that might be able to help her? This is an URGENT appeal!
Around this time of year, we always get a lot of kittens who have been abandoned, or found on the street and are brought up to our cattery. The kittens can range in age but are generally very small when they arrive to us. They also need a lot of kitten cuddles and attention so if you have spare time in the mornings, please do come up and cuddle them. They will put a smile on your face!
For our UK supporters, our online shop is up and running which delivers to the UK only, so if any of your friends back home are interested in any of our products, please make them aware! The link for the shop is www.k9tenerife.eu/welcome-to-our-k9-shop.