|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Young people urged to give blood in new donation campaign 

Young people are the target of a new blood donation campaign in the Canaries.

The Canary Institute of Hemodonation and Hemothe-rapy has launched “Recharge lives, donate blood”, with president, Begoña Reyero saying: “This year, the donation campaign focuses on the young public, whose recruit-ment seems fundamental to us, as they represent the present and future of blood donations in the Canary Islands.”
The objective of the cam-paign is to convey the message of the need for blood and there will be posters and messages on the social media.
“In order to connect es-pecially with the young public, we have used similar images and language, which help to awaken their interest in order to increase the level of awareness and a reaction that results in an increase in blood donations from this sector of the popu-lation,” says the Institute.
In 2018, the Canary Islands registered a total of 68,831 blood donations, which represented an increase of three per cent compared to 2017.
In addition, a total of 10,973 people donated for the first time during 2018, joining the Canary Transfusion Network (RTC).
Regarding the points of entry of the donations, 66.4 per cent are obtained through the mobile units and fixed points of the ICHH and 33.6 per cent comes from the hospital blood banks that make up the RTC.
The ICHH stresses that blood transfusions help save millions of lives each year. They help patients with life-threatening diseases live longer with a better quality of life and enable complex medical and surgical inter-ventions. They also have a vital role in maternal and child care, pregnancy and emer-gency responses to natural or man-made disasters.
The Canary blood donor is, mostly, a male between 34-49 years old. 58.7 per cent of the total donations in 2018 come from men and 41.3 per cent from women, who have joined forces with blood donation. Of the total donors, 21.6 per cent are adults between 50-65 years old, 33.2 per cent are young people between 18-33 years old and 45.2 per cent adults between 34-49 years old.