|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Take-aways warned to clean up left-overs, empty containers and vomit 

Take-away restaurants in Magaluf have been warn-ed to clean up their act by clearing up left-overs, plastic containers, vomit and grease outside their premises every day or face a fine.

Tourist leaders say the party streets of Calvia are being left in a disgusting state night after night and needs an army of 20 workers to tidy up each morning before it all starts again.
They say take-aways and fast food restaurants have to start taking responsibility and will now be required to look after the confines of their units within a radius of 150ft from the front doors.
If not, they will be pro-secuted under the “co-existence” rules which have been toughened up this summer in a bid to change the image of the resort.
Fines could range from 300 to 8,000 euros.
“These fast food res-taurants are all over Punta Ballena and are open 24 hours,” said a council spokes-man. “Every day, there is a large accumulation of plastic waste (glasses, straws, plates, wrappers) and organic waste (leftovers, grease, vomit, liquids from garbage bags, among others) first thing in the morning, which forces the public cleaning company to assign a team of more than 20 workers daily to Punta Ballena, Martí Ros and an adjacent street. In summer, 500 kg of waste is collected every day from the ground.”
The new rules will apply also to bars and cafes.
The campaign is being spearheaded by the local police and “Calvia 2000” who also want owners to educate their customers over the problem of waste and dirt they generate after drunken binges.