|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Road traffic accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas in Spain 

The Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition has published a Preview of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventory for 2018, the gases mostly closely related to climate change.

These preliminary data, which are sent to the European Commission every year to comply with reporting obli-gations, reveal a gross emissions estimate of 332.8 million tonnes of CO2 equi-valent. This corresponds to a 2.2% reduction.
Last year, the transport sector was the largest contributor to this emission inventory. On its own, road traffic accounts for 25% of all GHG emissions and one-third of that is con-centrated in urban areas.
The decrease in emissions in 2018 mainly stems from the strong increase in hydro-power production, which grew by 84.9% on 2017 thanks to a hydrologically wet year, as well as a 3.5% increase in wind power production. These two factors led to a 15.7% re-duction in the emissions tied to electricity generation given that the increase in renewable sources allowed for less production from combined-cycle power plants (down 18.9%), coal power plants (down 17.2%) and liquid fuel power plants (down 4.5%).
The other sectors showed an increase in their emissions when compared with the previous year. In a year posting a 2.6% increase in GDP, increases were recorded in the emissions tied to transport (up 2.7%), to fuel consumption in residential, commercial and institutional sectors (up 1.9%) and to fuel consumption in agricultural, forestry and fishing machinery (up 4.1%). Emissions from industry were up 2%.
In turn, the emissions from agriculture remained un-changed from the data in 2017 given that the increased emissions from livestock farming (up 1.4%) were offset by lower emissions from crop farming (down 2.5%).