|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Police alert over “coat hook desk challenge” 

A school suspended around 20 students who were caught practising a “new and dangerous” classroom prank dubbed “the desk challenge”.

Teenagers are being dared to hang a chair on a coat hook on a wall, sit on it with their legs suspended above the ground and then have a desk placed on their lap. They are then timed to see how long it takes for the chair to crash down whilst other pupils film the scenes with their mobile phones which is posted on the social networks.
The 20 students all go to the same school in Alicante and face an official investigation.
Police say this latest prank is “very risky” and could bring an entire wall down on those practising it or they could fall and break bones if “pinned” high above the ground. They fear it could become the latest viral challenge.
Apart from being furious at the pupils’ antics, the school points out that the use of mobile phones in the classroom is strictly forbidden.
The pupils were of secondary school age and were in the middle of exams.
Other footage posted on Youtube shows the prank being carried out in other schools.
In at least one of them, staff have found the simple solution of removing all the coat hooks!