|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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New councillors pledge their best for Guia de Isora 

Pedro Martín assumed the mayoralty of Guía de Isora for the seventh time in a row, six of them obtained by an absolute majority, after receiving 13 of the 21 votes of the councillors who took office on the morning of Saturday, June 15th.

In his first intervention of the new mandate as Mayor, Sr. Martín advanced the keys of municipal policy for the next four years. Among them, he stressed the importance of completing the projects that are already underway such as the recovery of the coastline for public use; solve everyday problems such as lack of parking and finally achieve the residence of elders. In short, “it is about putting citizens first,” said Sr. Martín.
Other projects to battle for would include the construction of the port and improvements in roads.
Pedro Martin also wanted to state that “no great project makes sense, if we leave aside the little things, those that relate us to others such as sports competitions, those that make us grow as citizens, such as cultural activities or those that help us maintain personal dignity such as a day centre.”
Prior to the intervention of the mayor, the spokespersons of the two opposition parties in the council also addressed a few words to those present. The nationalist spokesman, Jesús M. Morales, congra-tulated Pedro Martín for his appointment as mayor and promised to work for the challenges of society. He stressed as a priority “to solve the many social needs” and offered his group to work in consensus for Guia de Isora, stressing his intention “to make a constructive opposition.”
The spokesman of the Popular Party, Ayoze Juan Medina, showed his predisposition to collaborate with the government group to get “to carry out a consensus legislature among all those present and achieve the common goal: the best for Guía de Isora”.