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Grand Finale offers part concert, part dance, part theatre 

The Auditorio de Tenerife is to host the latest show of the company of renowned dancer Hofesh Shechter, Grand Finale, which includes a large body of dance and a band that plays live.

The performances will be on September 18th and 19th in the Symphony Hall at 8pm and the tickets are already on sale.
“Grand Finale is an audacious and ambitious piece, which is both comical, sombre and beautiful, evoking a world in conflict with itself,” said a spokesman for the organisers. “Filtering this irrepressible spirit, Shechter creates a vision of a world in free fall: part concert, part dance, part theatre and totally original.”
The diverse tribe of extra-ordinary international dancers of the company comes from nine different countries.
The choreography and music of the show are signed by Hofesh Shechter himself, while the set and costumes are designed by Tom Scutt. Lighting is provided by Tom Visser and collaborated with music Nell Catchpole and Yaron Engler.
Grand Finale is the last complete work of his portfolio, which premiered at La Villette with the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris on June 14, 2017 and was nominated for the Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production.
Tickets can be purchased in the usual channels of Tenerife Auditorium, at the box office from 10am to 7.30pm, from Monday to Saturday except holidays, through www.auditoriodetenerife.com or by phone at 902 317 327.
In addition to acting, the company of the Israeli dancer will hold a workshop with local dancers. It will be on September 19 from 11am to 1pm in the Tenerife Auditorium and at a cost of 25 euros. This workshop is recommended for dancers of legal age of semi-professional and professional level.
To register you need to send an email before September 4 to smartin@auditoriodeten-erife.com indicating age, gender, experience and level, in addition to attach a resume and specify if you need any special needs or limitation at the time of registration. conduct the workshop.