|Monday, September 28, 2020
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Arrests in Fuengirola for labour exploitation 

National Police arrested two people for labour exploitation of Pakistani citizens in fruit shops in Fuengirola (Málaga).

The detainees are said to have exploited their com-patriots, taking advantage of their precarious economic situation. Fraudulent work contracts were carried out by third parties who did not work in establishments in exchange for remuneration.
The investigation began in June 2018 when a man of Pakistani origin denounced the working conditions with abusive schedules and wages much lower than usual in this type of trade. In addition, maintenance and lodging in homes with unfortunate hygienic conditions were deducted from the low salary.
During the investigation, the reported employment conditions were confirmed. This was verified in this way that the workers’ work days were 15 hours a day, every day of the week. Likewise, it was shown that at least two of the workers who had been discharged from Social Security in the fruit orchards investigated had never worked in them, the purpose of which was to impose undue social benefits for unemployment.
“The detainees made fraudulent work contracts to third parties who did not work for them in return for re-muneration. These people used such false contracts to obtain the application or processing of residence permits, as well as to receive subsidies or benefits for unemployment thanks to the contribution periods in the Social Security,” said a police spokesman.
Two people of Pakistani origin have been detained for crimes against workers’ rights, documentary falsification and belonging to criminal or-ganisation.