|Thursday, December 5, 2019
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All dogs deserve a second chance, a new beginning 

Meet this beautiful dog, Nyssa. Her name, in Greek, means New Beginnings and this girl really needed one. Over a year ago, she was abandoned at K9 one night and put in with two of dogs who were in our bigger kennel across the road at the time.

These dogs were not great with other dogs, so it was a miracle they did not harm her but when we saw Nyssa the next day, we could see why they didn’t. When we arrived at the kennels the next morning, we saw this very scared, very nervous dog who was not in good condition at all. She had massive sores on her back end and her skin was quite bad. It became quite clear that she was just used for breeding and these sores were from constant sitting on hard floors. She had no life. She immediately touched all our hearts at K9. Her trust was gone, understandably and it took a long time, months even for her to begin to trust us. Her tail remained down between her legs for quite some time. We gave her lots of love and affection and thankfully she began to trust us.
The more we get to know her, the more we see the loving playful side to her and when she knows you, she really does open up. She is a K9 over a year now and does get overlooked because she is still nervous of new people, so her nervous barking can deter people away from her. She needs to be shown that there are loving people out there and that she can have the chance of a loving home. When you look at Nyssa her eyes look so sad, and all you want to do is protect her and make her feel ok. She would need a family who were willing to be patient with her and who were willing to make the effort to make her feel so loved. She really needs this. Her safe place right now is K9, as she knows nowhere else so when we take her for walks, she does not like to go very far away. We want her to enjoy her freedom and to love going for walks, so she can be the beautiful, playful dog we know she can be. She has never had the chance to be a puppy, to play, and if someone can come and give her that, it would be a very special thing. Please come and meet her at K9, please don’t overlook her. She deserves a second chance. Can you give it to her?