|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Traffic jams on TF-5 “harming the north of Tenerife” 

Urgent action is again being called for amid claims that the north of Tenerife is being “devalued” by the continous traffic jams on the TF-5.

The Provincial Federation of Construction Entrepreneurs (Fepeco) say discussions about a bus-high occupancy vehicle lane seem to have come to a full stop and no project has yet been drafted.
And the organisation is equally worried about the delay in completing the insular ring road which is still awaited, despite “decades of delay.”
“The TF-5 has to be a fundamental factor in the economic potential of the north of Tenerife, contributing to the boost of competitiveness, favouring welfare, stability, territorial and social cohesion among the different muni-cipalities and the rest of the island. Continue as we are, without any decisive initiatives to decongest the road, will seriously compromise the short-term development of the entire area,” says Fepeco president, Oscar Izquierdo.
The leaders claim the traffic jams and queues on the TF-5 are increasing the pressure on the demand for housing in the metropolitan area, especially in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
“Many citizens are changing their homes to the north of Tenerife, looking for a higher quality of life,” says the organisation. “They want to return to the capital, to avoid personal, family, work and economic disorders gene-rated by constant traffic jams, which also have a psycho-somatic impact, with higher levels of stress and ex-haustion, after so many years suffering from daily traffic jams, at all hours, every day of the week.”
“This situation is leading to a significant devaluation and lowering of the market prices of real estate and homes.”
Businesses are also said to be suffering as a result of the queues “as they involve a billable loss of time, a waste of fuel and potential dissa-tisfied customers, in addition to increased emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere, something that should concern us all, starting with the public officials.”
Fepeco says both the Canary Islands Government and Tenerife Cabildo have the obligation to provide and maintain the northern highway “in conditions of road safety, efficiency, modernity and sustainability for the benefit of society as a whole.”