|Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Sweets, cakes and sugary beverages banned from schools in Balearics 

The Balearic Government has announced tough new rules over the type of food served to school-children as it fights obesity and encourages a healthier lifestyle.

The decree is based on the Mediterranean diet which is proved to reduce mortality due to cardiovascular dis-eases and some types of cancer.
Public and private edu-cational centres, public health centres and public health administrative facilities must abide by various menu regulations.
Thus, the decree provides for the use of seasonal products as raw material in catering services and in the dining rooms of these centres, as well as the use of genuinely Mediterranean culinary preparations and traditional recipes of Balearic cuisine.
The new rules cover what food can be served and how often ie pulses once or twice a week in the case of starters and for main courses, the inclusion of garnishes containing mixed salads three or four times per week; and potatoes, vegetables and pulses, among others, once or twice a week. Regarding desserts, fresh and seasonal fruits are recommended four or five days a week; other desserts – preferably yogurt, fresh cheese, buckwheat and dried fruit – can be given once or once a week.
The government is em-phasing the use of virgin olive oil for cooking and salad, the presence of water as the only drink, the prioritisation of white and lean meats, or the alternation of white and blue fish. Precooked croquettes or pizzas can be offered up to three times per month and sausages and hamburgers or other meat preparations, at most, four times a month.
Alternative menus must be guaranteed in the case of gluten intolerance.
Sugary beverages, industrial pastries and sweets are strictly banned.
Inspectors will be checking to see if the new rules are being introduced within the time limit of one year.