|Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Police set up new protocol to prevent corruption in tennis 

The Civil Guard and the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation have established a protocol on the prevention of corruption and protection of integrity in tennis.

The objective is to put into operation a mechanism for communication and exchange of information on the control of betting markets over matches, as well as other fraudulent activities.
General director of the Civil Guard, Félix Azón, and the president of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Miguel Díaz, signed the collaboration which will also control doping and other crimes that may affect the integrity of the sport.
Sr. Azón said he was sure the protocol will promote “the good work of both institutions” and has highlighted “the rigour and quality in sport” as a common goal of this firm. He also recalled the success of the Civil Guard in the operation Bitures, with which a criminal network dedicated to illegal gambling in tennis was dismantled.
 Among other actions, the Royal Spanish Tennis Fede-ration is committed to desig-nate a point of contact within the framework of its Anti-Doping and Integrity Commi-ttee that will be responsible for receiving and sending infor-mation on fraud and pre-determination of results in official competitions of tennis and other illicit activities.
 In addition, it will colla-borate with the Civil Guard in the training activities organised by that body in order to fight against corruption and promote integrity in sport.
On the other hand, it will share information regarding the control of the betting markets, in order to detect the correspond-ing alarms of any tennis match over which the index of suspicion of manipulation is high, according to the information provided to the RFET by its international advisors.