|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Police arrest three more gangs of graffiti artists 

National Police agents have dismantled three groups of graffiti artists who painted on trains and wagons in different locations in northern Spain.

They have arrested eight people in A Coruña (2), León (3), Madrid (1), Miranda de Ebro (1) and Burgos (1), who are charged with 128 crimes of damage worth more than 556,000 euros and more than 4,000 square metres affected by graffiti.
The detainees, who carried out stake-outs and adopted strong security measures, caused damage to perimeter security gates and entry doors to access the places where the trains were located.
In addition, the ringleader, believed to have carried out more than 500 graffiti attacks in the city of A Coruña, was involved in firearms and had a simulated police badge, among other effects, in a register made at his home. He has been charged with a total of 70 crimes of damages valued at 215,640 euros.
“The three groups of graffiti artists acted repeatedly and systematically performing graffiti on RENFE trains and wagons from different locations in northern Spain,” said a police spokesman.
Police said the gangs checked if there were security guards or technical surveillance devices in the places they were trying to access. In addition, they acted in areas outside the reach of the surveillance cameras or during the night. They frequently hid their faces with hats, scarves or military-type hoods to hinder identification.