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More roads to be asphalted in Puerto 

Puerto de la Cruz council says it has managed to execute the asphalting of the main streets of the municipality foreseen in the Asphalt Strategic Plan.
After the cancellation of its outstanding debt, the authority has been able to invest close to three million euros in the improvement of roads in this legislature.

 Councillor of works and services, Angel Montañés said: “The study of asphalting has served as a guide to define, in the coming years, the renewal of roads in order of priority, according to the density of traffic, the wear and the current state.”
He said he was “satisfied” the council had the right tools to deal with the public works of the municipality with the speed that the population demands.
The mayor of Puerto de la Cruz, Lope Afonso said: “The regeneration of the municipal roads has been a priority. In spite of the economic difficulties, the council has managed to renew the largest road surface of municipal ownership in the last 40 years.”
The winning company Señalizaciones Villar will now carry out the asphalting of 14 new roads in the municipality. The streets to be executed are those of San Antonio, Calle Nueva, Calle Picasso, Calle Miró, Calle Zurbarán, Calle Olivera, Calle Concordia, Calle Pensamiento, Calle Isla de La Palma, Calle Isla de Lanzarote, Calle Isla de La Gomera, Calle Flamboyant, Amapola street and Tabaiba street.
The works, which will start in the first week of June and will run for a maximum period of six weeks, will involve a total investment of € 435,506.29.