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Mad about motoring? 

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or rely on your car for just about everything, keeping your vehicle on the road is a costly endeavor. Prices for car insurance can vary greatly between providers depending on different risk factors. While reducing your annual mileage and keeping your car in a secure location will help keep your premiums down, Línea Directa recommend shopping around for insurance quotes to get the best possible price with the best possible cover.

Minor car problems
At this time of the year in the early morning sunshine, condensation is particularly troublesome especially in older vehicles. Motorists and other road users are at risk. Accidents can be caused when drivers try to wipe down the windscreen. Here are some handy tips to help you tackle condensation. Wash your car regularly as dirt and dust attract moisture and early morning dew. Remove any damp items like towels or coats from inside the car. When safe to do so, leave the windows open for a few hours. Switch on the air conditioning and wipe down the inside of the windows. Finally, you can fill a sock with cat litter and place it in your car to help absorb excess moisture.

But what if it doesn’t start?
A flat battery is a great inconvenience, jump-starting your car from the roadside can be hazardous and new batteries are expensive and can be troublesome to fit. These tips can help prolong the life of your battery. Keep the terminals clean of residue that builds up over time. And remember to turn off air conditioning, lights, radio and other battery draining systems whenever possible.

Help is at hand
Línea Directa offers service, support and 24-hour roadside assistance to over 3 million customers in Spain. Should you break down or your car won’t start, they will immediately dispatch an approved mechanic to help get you back on the road again as soon as possible. And with their new GPS Geolocation service Línea Directa can pinpoint your exact location and send breakdown recovery even faster.

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