|Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Lobster, the only all-in-English mobile operator for expats in Spain 

The mobile company which wants its customers to stay because they are happy with the service, not because they are tied in!

It’s a buzzword everyone seems to be talking about Lobster. But what on earth is it?
In a nutshell, it’s a new mobile phone operator based in Spain but offering a service completely in English!
Now that has to be great news for all expats who live here but haven’t fully grasped the language.
Launched in 2018, it’s going down a storm with Brits in Spain and other English speakers too.
“Great telephone support, fantastic website and excellent value call packages,” is the glowing testimonial of one delighted customer.
“Excellent service and brilliant bundle packages. Good app to keep you up to date on usage too,” says another.
Everything is in English, honestly. The really excellent Lobster website, the app, customer billing information, advertising, all in English
And perhaps the most important thing, the Customer Contact Centre agents are all native English speakers (open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm).
Incidentally, Lobster can also handle calls and provide documentation in Spanish if a customer prefers.
One of the company’s slogans is “Flippin’ brilliant!” and that is certainly the reaction of the thousands of happy customers who have already signed up with Lob-ster.
“It’s estimated that there are over 1.5 million English speakers residing in Spain and we want to be the benchmark for them,” says the team. “Right now we have thousands of happy custo-mers and growing. We are available in over 300 retail stores, mainly on the Me-diterranean coast, and on the islands… basically where the sun and the expats are!”. A customer can also sign-up online on our website lobster.es or calling our customer contact centre for free on 1661.
Of course, there are lots of mobile operators on the market but Lobster appears to be winning people over because of its simplicity and easy set-up.
“I’ve had my SIM card a month now and so far it’s been one of the best I’ve ever had, internet is great and the staff are really helpful. Would definitely be recommending this company to everyone,” says one user.
All you need to sign up is a valid ID, passport, NIE, or similar, and a credit or debit card, which doesn’t have to be a Spanish credit or debit card. As simple as that and you’re good to go. No lengthy contracts or no paperwork.
With Lobster there are no commitments. This is some-thing which is very important to the company, wanting customers to stay with them because they are happy with the service, not because of nasty lock-ins or termination fees.
The Lobster tariff plans are tailor-made for British expats and other English speakers. There are three plans, all with unlimited calls and texts in Spain, to the UK, and other countries. The only difference between the plans is the amount of data you get. So whether you just send the odd WhatsApp, or are glued to YouTube videos all day, Lobster has a tariff plan which is right for you!
The plans start from just 12€ per month, and pretty much everything is included for that price which means you can easily control your monthly spend with us.
As well as unlimited calls and texts back to the UK, all plans include unlimited calls and texts to Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Nor-way,
Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Gibraltar and the USA.
You can keep your existing Spanish number if you already have one or have a brand new one.
Lobster is currently running a “try us and see” promotion. Just sign-up and you get your first month’s plan completely free with no commitments.
Lobster has full national coverage in Spain, running on the Movistar network and gives you super-fast data up to 4G. They have great international coverage too.
If you are going back home for a few months to spend time with the family, or for whatever reason, then no problem, you can park your number for free when you are away from Spain for up to 12 months and have it available again when you get back.
So just one question still to be answered. Why the name Lobster?
“We think it’s something different. It brings to mind the good life. Spain has sun and great food, what more do you want!” the company explains.