|Friday, September 17, 2021
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Lanzarote to get 14 new wind turbines after biggest-ever EU grant 

Lanzarote is taking further strides forward in a bid to achieve 73 per cent of clean energy by 2038.

The island’s water con-sortium has received 13.6 million euros from European funds for three wind farms and 14 new wind turbines.
The financing comes for the wind farms of Arrecife I and San Bartolomé on the slope of Montaña Mina; each with four wind turbines; and for the Punta de Los Vientos park, which will be located above the Costa Teguise Golf Course, which will have six wind turbines.
Praising all involved, Ca-bildo president Pedro San Ginés said it was an “historic milestone” as this was the largest funding for clean energy Lanzarote had ever received.
“These parks will help Lanzarote to stop the greatest threat that looms over the planet, such as climate change, which has only been possible thanks to the strong determination of the Cabildo which has been working since 2007 to change the energetic model,” he said.
The aid will be distributed as follows: the 9.2 MW Arre-cife Wind Farm will receive 4,121,600 euros; the San Bartolomé Wind Farm 9.2 MW 4,121,600 and the Wind Farm Punta de Los Vientos 12 MW 5,376,000 euros.
The first two infrastructures are very advanced, one of them is out to tender and the second, San Bartolomé, will be released in the coming months. The two parks are expected to be installed by the end of this year. A total of eight new wind turbines will be added to the four Teguise I Park that are already in operation. Each one has a cost of more than 12 million euros; wind turbines similar to those already existing will have a hub height of 85m; a rotor diameter of 71m, a total height of 120 metres, including with the blades; and has an expected production of 28,605 Mwh / year.
They are higher than those of Punta Grande, which have a hub height of 64 and with the blades reaching 99.5 metres. Each park is estimated to produce more 1.5 million euros per year.
The Wind Farm Punta de Los Vientos of 12 MW will have six wind turbines and has a budget of 21 million euros. It will be located above the Costa Teguise Golf Course, in a windy corridor. The energy produced by this park will be used to desalinate water as agreed in the Water Con-sortium Assembly.
The aim is to achieve 20% clean energy by 2020 and 73 per cent in 2038.