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Driving licence codes. What are they and what do they mean? 

You may or may not have noticed that on the reverse of your licence there are sometimes codes against certain categories. We are sure that most people don’t take any notice and/or don’t know what they signify but you can avoid getting a fine if you are aware of restrictions that you may have on your licence.

The front of the licence is pretty much self-explanatory but for ease we will explain all.

1) This shows your surname or names
2) Shows your Christian name or names (sometimes known as given names)
3) This is your date of birth and place of birth
4) a – Is the date of the start of this particular licence
b – Is the date of expiry of the licence
c – Province of issue
5) Your NIE/DNI number
6) Your photo
7) Your signature as put on the application form
9) Categories permitted to drive
10) Start date of the original licence (not the start date as shown at item 4a if the licence has been exchanged from another country or renewed)
11) Expiry date of the licence
12) Codes, these are what are known as the “hidden codes”
13) Previous licence numbers

The hidden codes used under section 12 could be:
01.01. You must wear glasses
01.02. You must wear contact lenses
01.03. You must wear safety glasses

  1. You are required to wear a hearing communication /aid
  2. You need a prosthetic /orthotic limb
  3. Driving restrictions for medical reasons
    05.01 you may only drive in daylight
    05.02 You are restricted to within a radius of x km around the place of your residence/region
    05.03 You may only drive without passengers /pillion riders
    05.04 Restricted to maximum permitted speed of X kph
    05.05 Driving only permitted with passenger hold a driving licence
    05.06 Without trailers
    05.07. Not permitted to drive on motorways
    05.08. No alcohol permitted. Zero tolerance

So, have a look and see what restrictions if any you have. If you have a 01 code and have had a sight rectification operation and no longer need glasses, you will need to do an extra medical exam and submit that to Tráfico to have the restriction removed.