|Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Cars had hidden compartments for drugs and cash 

National Police have dismantled a criminal network of drug traffickers operating in several Spanish provinces.

In the operation, 17 people were arrested and 12 house searches carried out in Pontevedra, Orense, Madrid, León, Santander and the Basque Country. Agents seized 66 kilograms of speed (amphetamine sulfate), more than seven kilos of heroin, 134 acorns of hashish, 250 grams of hashish tablets, 30 grams of cocaine, two revolvers, a detonating gun, a shotgun and 130,000 euros in cash.
The investigation began in June of last year when the police focused their atten-tion on an organisation based in the city of Ourense. The main members already had various police and judicial records for drug trafficking.
The researchers were able to determine the drug supply route, the logistics infra-structure for communications and transportation, as well as the network for customer acquisition and distribution in different Spanish provinces. Likewise, the person who facilitated the vehicles was identified, being the person in charge of preparing conceal-ment systems or “coves” inside the cars, a system that was also used to transport the money hidden by another member of the organisation.
With the investigation in progress, the agents were progressively identifying other people located at a lower echelon in the drug distribution chain of several places in Galicia and Portugal.
After several months of research, last March it was possible to identify the supplier of significant amounts of heroin to the organisation based in Orense. This person, of Turkish-Dutch nationality, was res-ponsible for establishing all contacts throughout the national territory with diffe-rent heroin distributors.
The arrested person maintained strict security measures. All the meetings and interviews with the distributors were in person, arriving in a single day after travelling more than 1,000 kilometres. Occasionally, he would travel from Ma-drid to Galicia, then to the Basque Country and re-turning to Madrid on the same day.
In one of the raids, police found 66 kilograms of speed amphetamine sulfate, one of the largest seizures in recent years in Spain.