|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Cabildo progresses three major roundabout projects 

Tenerife Cabildo is advancing the procedure for the execution of three new roundabouts in the south of the island.

The roundabouts are planned at Chayofa (in the municipality of Arona), El Médano (Granadilla de Abona) and Guargacho (Arona and San Miguel de Abona). The three intersection improvement projects represent an investment of more than 1.4 million euros.
Specifically, in the case of the Guargacho roundabout, the Cabildo gave its initial approval in the plenary session of the roundabout project at kilometre 2 + 150 of the insular highway TF-652, as well as the declaration of urgent occupation of the goods and rights affected for the execution thereof. The new roundabout of El Médano will improve the entrance to this town in the municipality of Granadilla. Specifically, this infrastructure will be executed at the intersection of highway TF-64 (Bajada to El Médano) with TF-643, which connects with Los Abrigos.
In the case of Chayofa, in Arona, the new roundabout is projected at the intersection between Carretera General del Sur (TF-28) and access to this population centre. The project has a budget of about 420,000 euros and a deadline of ten months. Access to the Chayofa nucleus at kilometre 92 + 350 of the TF-28 highway currently presents a problem of road safety when making turns to the left, despite its prohibition, due to the low visibility of the area. Precisely, to solve this problem, the action plans to transform the intersection into a roundabout of 20 metres outside radius.
The project planned for the new roundabout of Guargacho has an execution budget of 487,000 euros and a deadline of six months. The action foresees the roundabout at kilometer 2 + 150 of the insular road TF-652, which connects the towns of Las Chafiras and Las Galletas, as well as those of Oroteanda Baja, Las Rosas and Guargacho, in the municipalities of San Miguel and Arona.
In order to alleviate traffic at the new junction, a bypass lane has been laid from Olimpia Street that avoids the roundabout and directs traffic directly towards the TF-652 towards Las Chafiras.