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With Liberty Seguros your electric car is now fully covered 

Electric cars were a novel sight on roads until just a few years ago, but with the technology becoming more accessible and being made available in more desirable cars, electric cars are fast becoming a more realistic option for many car buyers.

It is well known that electric car maintenance is really economical and also the running costs are also very low. They also contribute to the protection of the environment and buying an electric car has some fiscal advantages too.
Liberty Seguros wants to support the development of the electric car, improving and adapting its products to the needs of its customers and adding to its continued commitment to caring for the environment in favour of a clean and friendly energy.
For these reasons Liberty Seguros car insurance now contains, free of charge, new benefits for electric cars to be totally covered, such us:

Travel Assistance:
Immobilisations that have their origin in battery discharge will be covered.
From Km0, emergency recharge or towing to the nearest recharge point assigned by the insured is included.

Adapted pricing
All electric car policies include a permanent discount (not promotional).
Special assigned covers at no additional charge.
Car batteries and other accessories are included.
Additional discounts for second vehicles.

The cable and the adapter device for charging are included within the damage, fire and theft cover up to a value of 400€ (limit per claim per year).

Batteries are included in the cover of damage, fire and theft even if they are owned by third parties.

Civil liability:
Damage caused by impact or collision of the vehicle into recharge installations owned by third parties is covered.
The damage caused to third parties are covered in cases of fire that originate in the insured vehicle during the recharge ope-ration.
Limit of this guarantee: 300,000 euros per claim.
So if you are thinking of changing to an electric car and contributing to the care of the environment, now with Liberty Seguros, electric car insurance coverage is complete thanks to the new guarantees and benefits included within the Liberty Car product.

Also, don’t forget that you will get some fiscal advantages too, such as:

Reduction in the Road Tax. This reduction depends on the council of each municipality, and can be up to 75 percent.
Free use of green (ORA zone) and blue parking areas (depending on the municipality).
Free access to restricted areas in city centres like Madrid.
Help and Subventions under MOVES program (BOE, 4th February 2019)

With insurance, not only for car, but also life, home, business, commercial, funeral, etc…, Liberty Seguros is considered the preferred expat insurer in Spain today. Liberty Seguros has an extensive network of over 300 brokers and agents that are dedicated to providing unbiased, friendly and expert advice, in your own language, to discuss the most suitable cover for you.
To find out more visit www.libertyexpatriates.es or simply call 91 342 25 49