|Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Who is this handsome boy? 

Meet Toby! He is one of two Toby’s we have at the refuge. Toby was brought into K9 nearly a year ago because his owner was struggling a lot and was not able to look after him anymore. He was living in Santa Cruz before coming to live at the refuge.

Toby is around 5 years old and loves people. His little old man face makes him stand out a little and everyone who meets him, wants to take him out for a walk. He is very popular, so much so, that one our little puppies who recently moved to England, was named after him by his new family.
Currently he lives on his own in his kennel, but up until a couple weeks ago he did share with a smaller female dog named Merida, who was lucky enough to be adopted and went to her forever home here in Tenerife. At the moment, Toby is alone and when Merida first left, he was a little sad.
We gave him so much love and all our volunteers showed him so much affection, but he still is a little down. He is a bit confused as to where Merida has gone, and is hopeful that he will finally get his second chance.
When out walking with Toby, he is such a pleasure. He waits until he is outside to go to the toilet, making his kennel easy to clean each day. He adores to be out and to be shown lots of love and is so nice to spend time with. He does like cuddles but also loves the chance to get out and explore and sniff! He does not pull on the lead when he is out and can also be walked off lead. Having some treats in your pocket is also an extra bonus for him, as he loves his treats!