|Monday, June 1, 2020
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Seprona seizes 1.5 tons of pineapple 

The Civil Guard seized 1.5 tons of tropical pineapple destined for a company in  Fuerteventura.
The operation was carried out by the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard (Seprona) and involved a shipment from Costa Rica to an importer from the island.
The introduction of this fruit is prohibited by the current legislation relating to the circulation of fruits and vegetables in the Canary Islands in order to avoid the possible entry of pests.
During routine checks, officers found numerous boxes of tropical pineapple from Costa Richa in the premises of a fruit operator. Most of the mer-chandise did not have iden-tification labels, while others reflected the country of origin. The fruit was impounded because the operator did not produce a traceability certif-icate of the fruit in order to determine if it met the maxi-mum sanitary guarantees.
The importation of unauthorised fruits and vegetables in the Canary Islands, apart from constituting an infraction of the established norms, is also a fraud if they are sold in the Canariy markets as products grown in the archipelago.
The Canary Islands is the only region of the European Union (EU) that has a specific regulation as a result of its unique characteristics in order to avoid the affection of pests that have seriously affected the crops of the Canary Islands.